Overview of the football match of the 16th round of the Premier League - 2016 - 2017 “Wings of the Soviets” (Samara) - “Spartak” (Moscow) - 4: 0

The main surprise of the 16th round of the Premier League took place in Samara, where Wings of the Soviets hosted the leading Moscow Spartak. Wards of Vadim Skripchenko in the last round at home won a major victory over their main competitors in the struggle for survival - “Tomyu” - 3-0, so they approached the match against the leader with optimism. The weather also spoke in favor of the Samaritans, because a severe frost and an icy field greatly complicated the task of “red-white”. Spartak itself, before the fight on the banks of the Volga, had an impressive series of victories, but, as you know, any series of events will ever end.

The meeting began slowly, because the teams needed time to get used to such a lawn. The first moment was created in the 13th minute at the gates of “Wings of the Soviets”, when the forward striker Denis Davydov decided to hit the bottom, but the ball was reflected by Georgian goalkeeper Volzhan Georgiy Loria.

A minute later, the Spartacists still noted an inaccurate shot by midfielder Roman Zobnin, and in a return attack Skripchenko wards earned a penalty. A rather controversial 11-meter strike in the 15th minute was appointed by the referee of the meeting from St. Petersburg Kirill Levnikov after a clash between the defender of the “red-white” Ilya Kutepov and Italian midfielder Volzhian Christian Pasquato. Be that as it may, and Yoan Mollo scored a penalty, although Artyom Rebrov guessed the direction of the ball - 1: 0.

After that, the Samara team gave the initiative to Spartak, who did not know what to do with it, but the hosts often succeeded in quick and sharp counterattacks. In one of them, Mollo made a pass to Pasquato, and a free Italian shot against the Muscovites goalkeeper, but the shell flew close to the post. Guests did not hesitate and responded with several good points. At first, Davydov inaccurately shot down, and then the ball, after hitting Zobnin, flew over the frame of Loria's goal.

The ending of the starting half turned out to be a hurricane. The Spartacists tried to even the score before the break, but the midfielder Denis Glushakov's shot was parried by Loria, and the connecting defender of the guests Andrei Yeshchenko failed to finish the ball into the goal. In an instant response attack, the hosts doubled their lead. Mollo famously gave to Tkachev, and Sergey effectively and efficiently shot Rebrov’s gates - 2: 0. This happened at the 45th minute of the meeting, and the Spartak coach Massimo Carerra clearly did not expect such a denouement at the end of the half.

During the break, the Italian head coach of Spartak instead of Dmitry Kombarov released Evgeni Makeev. In general, the guests actively began the second segment of the meeting, but the blows of Denis Davydov and Quincy Promes were inaccurate. Samartsev continued to catch the Spartacists in counterattacks, and in the 59th minute they achieved another success.

Muscovites lost the ball in their half of the field, Mollo fielded “red-white” into the penalty area, where Pasquato shot directly at Rebrova, but then the Italian legionnaire still pushed the ball into the net of Spartak goal - 3: 0.

It became obvious that after the third goal conceded, it will be extremely difficult for Muscovites to return to the game. Moreover, after 15 minutes the Samara team scored their fourth goal. After the lumbago defender Ibragim Tsallagova, the Belarusian striker Sergei Kornilenko was not difficult to accurately penetrate into the bottom corner - 4: 0. At the end of the match, the Spartacists tried to score at least a prestige goal, but Loria parried a powerful shot of Glushakov.

Thus, the final whistle of the chief referee Kirill Levnikov recorded the main sensation of the tour. Samara “Wings of the Soviets” in the second home match in a row got a big Victoria, this time, having broken in all respects the leader of the championship, which significantly improved their position in the standings, although from the zone of butt matches, Volzhans, who have scored 14 points so far, have so far not yet scrambled out. And Spartak, which has 37 points in the asset, due to the victory in the 16th round of Zenit over Ufa - 2-0, now it is only 3 points ahead of the club from the northern capital. If you have any concerns with regards to where by and how to use exxonmobilerewardsplus activate card you can get in touch with us at our web-page.