News: Malta calls for ending libel cases against murdered journalist marble stain remover in Singapore

Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights has called on Malta to dismiss defamation proceedings against the murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galicia.

In a letter published on Thursday but written on September 12, Commissioner Dunia Mijatovic wrote to the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, about the “over 40 civil and criminal defamation lawsuits” that awaited trial against Galicia when she was killed in October 2017 in 53 years old.

“Although criminal defamation lawsuits were closed, I note that under Maltese law, the plaintiff can decide whether to continue to prosecute a civil lawsuit against the defendant’s property,” she wrote.

"I was informed that as a result of this, about 30 civil defamation lawsuits continue posthumously against the Daphne Caruana Galicia family."

Miyatovic is concerned that the heirs of Caruana Galicia may disclose information about her journalistic activities and sources, which will be not only an “excessive and very difficult burden” for them, but also constitute an “unjustified interference with the right to protect journalistic sources.”

She also stated that since many defamation statements had been filed by government officials, including the Prime Minister, their continuation "is not only perceived as intimidation of a family that has faced the loss of their loved one, but also raises questions regarding the Maltese authorities' commitment to seek and bring to responsibility of the organizers of this terrible crime. "

'Look Ahead'

Muscat replied to the commissioner, repeating that he was ready to abandon his case against the family of Caruana Galicia, provided that they would make a public statement to accept the findings of the Egrant investigation.

"An independent investigation, chaired by a judge, justified me and my family from the very serious charges brought against us by Ms. Caruana Galicia, and found that the documents that were supposed to prove the illegality of the actions were forged," he said.

He also rejected criticism that the Island State Media and Defamation Act, which entered into force in May 2018, placed the burden of proof on respondents, describing it as “stain remover”

Muscat also argued that canceling a civil libel case without compensation after the death of the defendant would raise the question of “the right to a fair trial under the European Convention on Human Rights.”

"In any case, this means that the government cannot intervene, cancel or cut back civil claims initiated by third parties and private citizens against the heirs of the deceased journalist who would accept the inheritance," he wrote marble stain .

Often described by her supporters as “one WikiLeaks woman,” the self-proclaimed journalist focused his investigation on allegations of government corruption, organized crime, and money laundering and has been under police protection for seven years.

Three men were charged in December 2017 in connection with her murder, but still have not appeared in court. Always select FloorMedics marble stain remover for best result