Abdominal liposuction is not recommended for overweight people.

Technological progress makes people's lives more comfortable, easier, and, unfortunately, more boring and meaningless. If throughout the course of human history no one has ever had the problem of being overweight, with the exception of the destructively tiny layer of rich loafers, today obesity has become catastrophic - according to various estimates, from one third to half of the world's inhabitants are overweight. And this suffering is not as harmless as it might seem at first glance. Obesity is the path to death from cardiovascular disease. And now - a little explanation about technological progress. The fact is that it leads to obesity in several ways at once. Firstly, no one else needs to run, but even walk and just move. Everyone can use private or public transport, and many, if they want, some do not leave the couch at all if they get the opportunity to work remotely. This is the path to physical inactivity. Secondly, the food industry, agricultural chemistry and genetic engineering have turned healthy nutrition into a myth - most of what falls into our bodies in the form of food is, to one degree or another, poison. Thirdly, an environmental catastrophe destroys immunity, distorts the hormonal background, and upsets the metabolism. Finally, the level of stress, information overload and the widespread tendency to overeat have finished the person: life has turned into a disease.

But technological progress is right there: it was not scary to get sick, lose your figure, appetite, sleep, peace. For everything, there are medicines and commercial medicine services. There would be money - and even health and beauty could simply be bought. This destroys the incentives for life and the acuteness of the days lived, the whole reality turns into an endless plastic mess. And even here, progress offers its own way: life can be replaced with pseudo-reality, turning into an absorber of television shows, videos and computer games. Apocalypse of the "Matrix" type is on the way. A sad picture, isn't it?

However, there are reverse trends: the movement of green, healthy foods, spiritual practices, the struggle for peace, etc. In addition, even progress is sometimes powerless in those areas where his kingdom is today. For example, any plastic surgeon will confirm that abdominal liposuction (pumping out fat) is contraindicated for fat people, and lifting is possible only on healthy skin. Progress is not omnipotent. Chinese girl porn star is on a mission. I could see her eyes welling up with tears, as she tried to cry into the sheets. She was obviously trying to get some kind of response from me. I started to pull aside the sheets and she started begging me to let her.